St. George

It's been a while since I've done my first composition on St. George's theme. The first time I did it, it was on 2001 and it had a Comics approach. But now, far from those days, I've been studying fine arts to develop my illustrations.

Why did I chose him again? It's a character that has always caught my eye, for its courage and holiness. His figure always made a good composition, and its classical readings always set him into this final moment: The dragon defeat!

After some months of study and painting... here it is. Hope you all like him as I enjoyed so much his production. I've learned a lot from him, he was a great study for me.

It never ends. :P

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Elton Dias disse...

cara que foda que isso ficou meu Deus,bem que vc tinha falando que ia fazer algo bemm legal.
nossa cara que lindo to bobo aqui.
esse é o ogum mais legal que ja vi nossa.abç cara.